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What do you know about the kind of leather?

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Type introduction
Natural Mao Xipi
Natural leather includes large capillary skin fox, mink skin, lynx, badger skin. A large, often used to make a high - grade children's hat, coat, cloak.
Natural leather leather mainly includes fine hairs sable, mink, squirrel skin, mink and other snow. Hair is thin and soft, suitable for high-end children's coats, hats, scarves, scarves, etc..
Natural coarse fur
The commonly used natural leather and sheepskin skin coarse grass, dog, wolf, leopard etc.. Hair length and a large. Can be used to make hats, coats, vests, jackets, etc..
Artificial skin
Artificial leather is made of many kinds of chemical fibers. Artificial fur format. Can be dyed bright colors; in addition, it has the appearance of fur animals, all kinds of wild and farmed fur types can be copied. But its biggest characteristic is not environmental protection, not easy to degrade, the environment has pollution.
Benzene amine
The leather, which is modified with aniline only with aniline, is the best in the world. People who love the true nature of the product especially like this kind of leather. 5% of the world's leather production is in this category, and only a few of the leather in the world are in line with this kind of standard. This leather no finishing, wax may use only a thin coating layer or lightly coated with a layer of oil to enhance the feel and appearance. Use the machine falls soft or polishing is usually the last finishing process of this kind of leather.
Full aniline
Like pure aniline leather, only some of the best leather in the world can be classified in this category. The only difference between it and the pure aniline leather is that the raw material will be slightly lower, with only a thin layer of protective coating on the surface.
Semi aniline
Processing leather, the required a bit, the surface coating pigment gently spray on the leather surface enable uniform color and cover some of the original defects. This leather has good light resistance and scratch resistance, and easy to clean. 10-15% of the world's leather output is this kind of leather. Most B grade leather meets the standard of this kind. Interesting is, aniline, semi aniline and pure aniline leather is not necessarily full grain leather, suede leather is a typical comprehensive polished aniline leather. A lot of color leather began gently with sandpaper is clean and the grain level.
The grain surface part abrasion, in order to reduce the influence of the particle surface flaws, and then through the different finishing method create a fake particle surface to mimic the full grain leather leather. 18% of the world's leather production belongs to this kind of leather. The leather after more processing, such as grinding, polishing and embossing, paint to cover up the flaws in the original, insect bites, barbed wire scratches, corner injury before finishing available scrub to remove. The first layer of skin is the outer skin with a grain surface, about 0.9 to 1.5mm, called the C grade of the leather in line with this kind of standard. This kind of leather is obviously need to be polished, because in addition to the use of artificial to create fake grain surface to replace the original surface, it is no use. The rest of the world leather production 65% is not suitable for making furniture, shoes, clothes, can only be used as belts, handbags and car seat.
Whole grain surface
Grain surface pattern remains intact, natural pores and textures are clearly visible in the leather.
As the wood wood, wood and scarring should show it is a species of the genus nature of leather should also show the characteristics of its animals. The better the leather, the less the need to be modified. Cheaper leather original grain surface is rubbed and paint is embossed with fake particle surface to replace, they do not like a full grain leather leather as soft. Although it is covered by a layer of paint, the original texture changes are still visible.
Half grain surface
Will a leather grain layer only gently rubbed off a part of, but should retain its not wear off the particle surface in the whole piece of leather surface, grain still see natural pores and texture of leather. Since the word "" was used in the English language, the term "Top" is the most likely to be confused in the leather industry. Speculation that the Top top is the best, the top, here and not, here used the Top top of this word is because the top floor can be matte, painted and printed patterns. Basically, the half grain leather is not a section of the skin.
The skin is cut into several layers, and the skin is called the first layer with the grain surface. The following is the skin of the two layer, the three layer, and the surface layer. The use of modern technology, the split leather finishing, suitable for furniture paint and embossing is possible. Of course, the skin is not as durable as the skin of the first layer, but the thickness of the adjustment can be interesting results. The most challenging is to make them resistant to folding. Unless otherwise specified, split the general coating can not be used as cushion.

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