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Present situation and future of leather industry in China

Release time:2015-11-05 From:DongGuan Dongrui Leather Trade Co., LTD

In the first half of this year, China's leather industry, the overall operation of the basic stability, but the growth rate of the indicators further slowdown in domestic and foreign demand is still sluggish, the industry continues to adjust the structure, industry development to maintain the trend of slow growth. Compared with the steady development of the industry, in August 31st the eighteenth China International Leather Exhibition (ACLE) presented a different kind of hot scene: 92000 square meters of scale, thousands of exhibitors, 25000 professional buyers, showing a world class leather event. What is the status quo and future of the leather industry, which reflects the trend of the exhibition boom?
To attract attention of the world China market beachhead
Despite the industry growth rate slowed down, a direct impact on the finished leather, semi-finished leather, fur tanning, skins and other imported raw materials decreased, but due to the huge volume of China's leather industry, still attracted a worldwide attention.
There are two sets of data to prove that the world's attention to the Chinese market, the first is China's foreign trade data. Since the beginning of this year, bilateral trade between China and the United States leather show gratifying scene, to the United States import and export growth were 31.8% and 10.7%, on the export sector growth stimulating effect is obvious. Among them, the first half of our country since the United States imports of semi-finished leather 150000000 U.S. dollars, an increase of 36.2%. The same high-quality leather resources in Brazil, although China's semi finished leather imports in the country of origin, but during the first half of this year since Brazil imported semi-finished leather amount compared to the same period fell by 5.2%, because of semi-finished leather accounted for 76.2% of our country since the Brazilian leather industry, the main imports, thus affecting the industry since Brazil's total imports over the same period fell by 6%. In addition, China's leather industry since the EU imports fell by 1.8%, of which imports from Italy, Germany, Spain and other large countries have varying degrees of decline.
Although the trade of China's trade in different countries, resulting in a different attitude, but the Chinese market is self-evident, the most intuitive performance is to show business data. 20 national pavilions will once again reflect the international leather industry, including the United States, Australia, Brazil, Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Turkey, India, Japan, Korea, Pakistan, Taiwan, Ethiopia and other. The Spain Pavilion by tanning Association Acexpiel organize, this year's booth area expanded by 10%, as well as from the Brazilian tanning team CICB and Assintecal. France again increased 50% exhibition area; USA pavilion area also increased by 7.7%. In addition, at least 26 from the rest of the new exhibitors will be more than the main national pavilions together exhibitors, hope to take to develop the China market.
Focus channel change brings together global buyers
In the first half of this year, the national scale above light leather production of 2.9 million square meters, representing a slight increase of 0.9%, and downstream products production slowdown in overall growth and varying degrees of decline. Data show that this year, the national key large-scale retail enterprises footwear retail sales growth is weak. 1 - June, footwear sales of 58553000 pairs, an increase of 24390000000, retail sales of 4.9% yuan, down 0.5%. Economic downturn to a certain extent, it will stimulate the MICE economy, when the economy is poor, consumer demand downturn, the supplier in order to cope with more intense market competition, we must promote its products and services through different channels. Because of the massive ACLE pool of target buyers, suppliers can take to find a better partner.
After 17 years of development, acle alluding to the transformation of China's leather industry, but also to promote and witnessed the development of China leather brand and market. Along the way, ACLE is committed to promoting the development of the brand's channels and markets, thereby generating more business value, to provide more effective channel resources for the development of China's leather industry, to help leather enterprises in the future development of more successful opportunities.
With the transformation and upgrading of the industry, the company is experiencing a single channel mode from the past to multi-channel and even full channel mode change, based on this, ACLE also actively adjust the show, based on the original functions of more channel resources, while increasing domestic and international professional audience invitation. This year the organizers for the further development of domestic and foreign markets, the focus of domestic and foreign enterprises, the domestic and foreign shoe prices, clothing apparel enterprises, leather goods, furniture, home business and car decoration companies to visit the show, is expected to have more than 25000 countries and regions of the 50 professional buyers visited the show again. China Leather Association invited man Wah holdings, homely home, left and right international and more than 20 focus on furniture enterprises of designers and buyers, and exhibitors docking, and strive to meet the demand and innovation for enterprise diversification.
Leather and leather ring on the same road racing together bridle to bridle
The exhibition is not only a platform for trade and exchange, but also the leader of the industry's future development. This exhibition in the domestic and foreign green leather, cleaner production, environmental protection fabrics, etc., have demonstrated, especially the leather logo eco leather enterprises in the area of collective appearance, a comprehensive display of environmental protection, integrity, quality, fashion, the new connotation.
Hebei, Dongming, Xuzhou, Zhejiang, Zhejiang, Nanhai Kaiyuan, Jin Xin and other famous ecological industrial leather leather enterprises full debut. Eco leather enterprises as the outstanding representative of the leather industry, will showcase the most advanced ideas, the latest technology, the most cutting-edge technology and the most promising products. These enterprises are outstanding representatives of China's leather industry, is to promote the development of China's leather industry, the main force in the development of green manufacturing, in the enterprise management, research and development investment, clean production, environmental protection, energy saving, etc.

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