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The leather cloth drilling technology

Release time:2015-11-05 From:DongGuan Dongrui Leather Trade Co., LTD

Drilling technology refers to the diamond to the leather, cloth and other materials, make the product more beautiful, beautiful of a technology.
First look at the appearance of the selection process:
First look at the hot drilling cutting, cutting surface more and his refraction is higher and higher, better brightness. Second, cutting surface is uniform, cutting, scratches, bubbles are regarded as inferior. Drilling process demanding, complex process, the finished product rate is not very high defective rate in 3% - 5% of the diamond should be regarded as good products and then look at the size of the diamond is consistent. The diameter of the 1.9-2.1mm in SS6, SS10, 2.7-2.9mm.... Should also look at the thickness is consistent.
Then look back
The diamond turned over at the back of the glue color, color is not uniform, different shades. Brightly colored uniform, as a good diamond.
Finally see the firm
The higher the solubility of drilling back glue, the better the firmness of diamond. The best way to identify diamonds is to:
1 hot good after washing in the washing machine to wash, wash after not off, the proof fastness is good, a wash away, proof of the firmness of the glue is not good, good product dry cleaning can not drop.
2. Row drill to first do all kinds of tricks of the template with the kraft paper, the diamond line up to a fixed location on the kraft paper and then the viscose paper row drawing stick out for diamond.
3. Drilling mainly used in several machines. They are: rig, pyrography machine of ultrasonic hot drilling, ultrasonic drilling machine, ultrasonic nails and other.

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