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FR,From generation to generation, we are silent.


Our company was founded in 2006, Italian E U L L acting K M I C O A precise) chemical, Taiwan hongye finishing materials. The company funds and technology exquisite, has the rich experience, have outstanding finishing the spirit of innovation and new product development ability, in the vast majority of customers deeply. Our product quality, technical services and developing new continuity and win a good public praise! Oil wax, cold-resistant, paint experts experts experts etc.! Hope and friends together, develops the market research, the common greeting.. >

The origin of Fang Rui

Located in the western part of the European continent, the French Republic has a long history and a long history of culture, such as a bright pearl, which attracts worldwide attention. The French people are famous for their love of life and romance. It is also a nation with indomitable spirit and constant pursuit of freedom and dignity. Legend has it that during the middle ages of France, the nobility used to collect their beloved weapons with their skins. At that time there was ...



From fine handicrafts to symbols of freedom and dignity

  • Brand advantage

    "FR" is located on the Bank of the Dongjiang River, which is beautiful and rich. Is a development, production and sales of luxury bags and other products of the enterprise, the company currently has "FR" and "Dongrui" two major brands.

  • Business project

    FR brand is all in leather bag, with medium and high-end bags.

  • Brand tenet

    Create a premium brand, let the profits to consumers, let consumers at a low price, to buy satisfactory products.

  • Co creation cooperation

    Welcome Chinese and foreign businessmen to come to negotiate business, work together to expand the vast market, create a better tomorrow!


To lead and grasp the rhythm of the future.



FR has been shining brilliantly in human nature.

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